Public Safety

Ashe County is one of the safest counties in North Carolina ranking 3rd in the state as far as the fewest crimes overall.  As demonstrated by the crime index numbers below, Ashe County is an attractive and safe place to work and live. A score of 100 is the U.S. average, with lower numbers indicating less frequency of crime per capita. Ashe County’s numbers are indicative of low levels of crime. Small town and rural values along with a close-knit community provide an attractive and secure place to raise a family and run a business. The Ashe County Sheriff’s Office employs 26 law enforcement officers that work in conjunction with two municipal police departments to ensure the safety of residents. Additionally, all public schools in Ashe County have a dedicated School Resource Officer on-site to ensure the protection of students while class is in session.

Ashe County Crime Index (100 is the US Average)

Total Crime Index 42
Personal Crime Index 6
Murder Index 48
Rape Index 60
Robbery Index 8
Assault Index 26
Property Crime Index 42
Burglary Index 73
Larceny Index 27
Motor Vehicle Theft 23

Source: NC Department of Commerce