Ashe Park to Offer Free Public WiFi

     Ashe County Park, a recreational mainstay for residents, has provided an additional service to its visitors.  Thanks to several high capacity outdoor radios installed in each of the shelters and at other areas, visitors to Ashe Park are able to access high-speed internet free of charge on their laptops, tablets, phones, and other devices that are WiFi capable. According to County IT Director Cyrus Hurley, not only will the free internet service be fast –with speeds up to 10 Mbps, but also secure. “It’s secure with the client isolation feature, which separates each client on the network from every other client/user,” also, “the County is able to block access to sites that are not appropriate for public WiFi.” The network was designed by the Ashe County IT Department, which consists of Cyrus Hurley, Todd Chapman, and Toby Bennett, and will be implemented jointly by members of Ashe County Parks and Recreation, County IT, and the County Maintenance Department.