Ashe County is a rural High Country community in the northwest corner of North Carolina, bordering Virginia and Tennessee. The County is approximately 273,000 acres in size, or 427 sq. miles. The County is in the Blue Ridge Mountain physiographic province. The area is hilly and mountainous with many peaks including Mount Jefferson State Park. Elevation ranges from 2,480 ft to 5,130 ft above sea level, with an average elevation of about 3,000 ft.

The entire County is drained by the New River and its tributaries. The water supply of Ashe County is abundant.  The system is fed by numerous springs that are a major source of water for farms, homes, and businesses. Municipal water is provided by the Towns of Jefferson, West Jefferson, and Lansing.

Source: U.S. Department of Agriculture

You can view detailed information on waterways and flood zones by visiting Ashe County WebGIS.

Also, please contact the Ashe County Planning Department for further information:

Planning Department
150 Government Circle, Suite 2400
Jefferson, NC 28640