Agriculture, as the largest component of the local economy, is a vital industry to Ashe County. The sector is dominated by Christmas Tree production, with Ashe producing more Christmas Trees than any other county on the East Coast. Christmas Trees produced within the County are highly regarded for their quality, and last year the White House Christmas Tree came from an Ashe County farm. Please visit our Choose & Cut Christmas Tree page to learn where your family can find next year's tree. Ashe County farmers also produce cattle, tobacco, locally-grown produce, pumpkins, and numerous other crops. The local foods movement has expanded in the County over the past decade, with increasing desire in the High Country to consume healthy, locally grown goods. In the coming weeks and months this page will grow to provide a number of resources for Ashe County farmers, so please check back often. In the meantime, don't forget to check out more information on our local Farmers Markets.