Welcome to Ashe County, NC


Ashe County Economic Development’s mission is to promote economic growth and improve the quality of life for the citizens of Ashe County by retaining and expanding existing local business, attracting new business, and partnering with community stakeholders to support an entrepreneurial environment.

What do GE Aviation, American Emergency Vehicles (AEV), United Chemi-Con, and Leviton all have in common? They call Ashe County home. Located in the northwestern corner of North Carolina, there is a reason these well-known companies have decided to open their doors here. A long history of manufacturing in our county has served to foster knowledgeable and skilled workers who take pride in results and creativity. This tradition is embedded in the mindset of our workforce. The combined low cost of doing business and a strategic location ensure companies operating in Ashe County enjoy a formula for success.

More than just an ideal location for industry, Ashe County is an excellent home for small business. The scenic beauty and the charm of small town living draws thousands of tourists every year, with some visitors deciding to become full-time residents. Whether your company is well-established or still an idea, we want to show you why Ashe County is the perfect place for you. We urge you to explore the information contained within this site and to contact us if we can help in any way with your development needs.

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