While the basic statistics below demonstrate some of the quantitative measures of Ashe County’s skilled workforce, they fail to capture some of the most important, yet most immeasurable, employee characteristics that are crucial to business success such as hard work, dedication, loyalty, and workplace pride. Decades of manufacturing history and experience have made these vital qualities prevalent in the people who live and work here, and are evident in the production achievements our manufacturers enjoy today. Please take a look at some testimonials from area industry leaders about how important the Ashe County workforce is to their success, and come see first-hand why locating your business here is the smart decision.

August 2017 Labor Force and Unemployment Information

Labor Force 12,520
Employment 12,038
Unemployment 482
Unemployment Rate 3.8%

Source:  NC Department of Commerce

Estimated Income and Earning Characteristics

2015 (Most recent Census data)
Median Family Income $45,510
Median Household Income $35,238
Population with Income Below Poverty Level                               20.7%
Median Workers Earnings $21,270
Per Capita Income $31,519

Educational Attainment by Population 25+ 

High School Graduate 16,628 82.2%
At Least a Bachelor's Degree  3,796 18.8% 

Source:  NC Department of Commerce