Commercial Kitchen

The Commercial Kitchen at Family Central provides a shared-use facility for those doing catering, baked goods, value-added farm produce (bagged vegetables, apple slices, etc.), specialty food producers (frozen products, canned/jarred products, refrigerated products), herbal products (teas, spice mixtures, salves, creams, sprays, etc.), and dried products (tomatoes, mushrooms, apples, soup or sauce/mole mixtures) to produce their goods without the prohibitive cost of equipment purchase. 

Commercial Kitchen Equipment (non-comprehensive list)

  • Steam jacketed kettle
  • Braising pan (large)
  • Commerical dehydrator
  • Commercial peeler (for garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots)
  • Commercial mixers 
  • Proofing oven
  • Bakers Aide oven
  • Large walk in Cooler and Freezer for storage
  • Dry Storage Area

Commercial Kitchen Fee Schedule

  • Orientation and Application Fee =  $60
  • Refundable Key Deposit =  $20
  • Hourly Rate for Kitchen Use =  $15 per hour
  • Rental per Shelf  (dry storage) = $8 per month
  • Rental per Shelf (refrigerated storage)  = $15 per month
  • Rental per Shelf  (freezer storage) =  $20 per month
  • Cleaning Deposit =  A refundable on time of $100 will be required. ( if kitchen is left dirty the deposit will not be refunded).
  • Cleaning fee (if Kitchen is left in unacceptable manner) = $150
  • Cancellation fee (when 24 hours notice is not given) = $50
Please contact Kitchen Manager Lisa Testerman by calling (336)620-2484 to discuss using the Kitchen facilities. Also, please view the Commercial Kitchen User Services Contract found below.

Commercial Kitchen User Services Contract (0.2 MB download)